2018 Signup party on Saturday, 10/13/2018

Dear TMH families,
We are hosting TMH gathering in our house in Wrightwood (1060 Rivera Dr) on Oct 13th starting at Noon with a potluck lunch and a ski swap followed by a sign up meeting at 2pm.
If you are joining us for lunch, please bring any snack, dessert, or fruit to share.
If you are planning to sign up, but unable to come, please email us.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Alex and Olga

Photos from Snow Summit races

If you raced at Snow Summit on 3 February, you probably have pictures here:



Coach Ali says:

Hi everyone, you can view and download all the pictures from Snow Summit’s Slalom race from the link below. These pics should be good for small prints, if you like me to email you the full resolution of any pic, please send me the picture id number (you can find the number under info button). I am also including some pics from Snow Summit’s top racers so your kids can see their stand and style against other kids. Let me know if you have problem viewing and downloading the photos.




2017-2018 TMH signup announced

Dear TMH families,
We are planning to host TMH gathering in our house in Wrightwood on Oct 8th starting at 2pm with potluck lunch and ski swap followed by sign up meeting at 3pm.
If you are planning to join us for lunch, please bring any snack, dessert or fruit to share.
Attached are registration forms. Please fill out and print or email me to speed up the registration. Also, please bring checks or cash for registration fees.
Mountain High has a season pass sale until 9/10. After 9/10 you can still get a discounted season pass with a completed registration form and payment confirmation.
Let me know if you would like to be removed from TMH mailing list or if you have anybody else interested in getting TMH information.
Looking forward to a new ski season!!
Olga and Alex
Forms are available below:

UPDATE: Saturday 2/18/2017 race cancelled

Hi everyone, the race tomorrow has been cancelled.  We will get more updates on the race for Sunday.  There will be free skiing tomorrow for the kids while we move the gates and other equipment to the east (assuming we get enough snow).  Rosy and I will bring some of the pre made lunches for tomorrow…


TMH signup / ski swap announcement

Dear TMH families,

We are going to have TMH annual sign up meeting/ski swap in Wrightwood on Sept 17th at 2.00 PM. Sorry for the late notice. Hope you can make it. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks or drinks to share. Please forward to anybody who is interested in joining our great team 🙂

We will try to work on East hut in the morning, so please let me know if you are available.

Alex and Olga