2017 Thanksgiving Camp

Dear TMH Family,


It is that time of year again.  I hope all of you have registered and sent the forms to Olga.  We had a great registration meeting last weekend and look forward to seeing more of you soon.  Our Annual preseason thanksgiving camp will begin on Saturday November 18 and conclude on Wednesday November 22.  Please come physically prepared to start the season off right.  I will post a daily schedule about a week or two before camp begins.   If you have any questions please contact me at danielpulsipher@gmail.com





2017-2018 TMH signup announced

Dear TMH families,
We are planning to host TMH gathering in our house in Wrightwood on Oct 8th starting at 2pm with potluck lunch and ski swap followed by sign up meeting at 3pm.
If you are planning to join us for lunch, please bring any snack, dessert or fruit to share.
Attached are registration forms. Please fill out and print or email me to speed up the registration. Also, please bring checks or cash for registration fees.
Mountain High has a season pass sale until 9/10. After 9/10 you can still get a discounted season pass with a completed registration form and payment confirmation.
Let me know if you would like to be removed from TMH mailing list or if you have anybody else interested in getting TMH information.
Looking forward to a new ski season!!
Olga and Alex
Forms are available below:

Training on Monday February 20th

On Monday 20th we will set a SG course on Conquest. This will help the kids going to Mammoth for the SG on March 3rd to get used to longer gs turn and higher speed.

If you have the ski you plan to use on that week end (at 12 they are not yet SG ski, the GS ski for next year will be perfect) bring them.

I will be the one on the slope setting so I could use as much parents help as possible.

We will meet at 8 am at the hut.




Two GS Races on Sunday 2/19/17

We will have two USSA GS races on Sunday, February 19 2017.

Both races will be run at West Resort, on Conquest run.

We will run first Race 1, run 1, followed by Race 2, run1.

We will reset and run Race 1, run 2, followed by Race 2, run 2.

The plan is to open inspection at 8.30.

To achieve this, we need to be able to start working to set ribbons, bamboo and gates as soon as possible.

A first crew will be at the resort at 7 am ready to go, booted, and ski in hand (no stop at the hut).

If you can make it this early please do, but is not mandatory.

The kids need to be at the hut at 7.45, so that at 8 am we can try to go up.

Please push them a little in the hut to get ready fast.

They should bring a quick lunch pack, and take the booth-bag up to the top of Conquest.

See you tomorrow.








UPDATE: Saturday 2/18/2017 race cancelled

Hi everyone, the race tomorrow has been cancelled.  We will get more updates on the race for Sunday.  There will be free skiing tomorrow for the kids while we move the gates and other equipment to the east (assuming we get enough snow).  Rosy and I will bring some of the pre made lunches for tomorrow…