Mountain High Closure and Training

Dear Families,

The Mountain has unofficially closed for the season.  They won’t be opening again.

I have tentatively arranged training at Snow Summit and Mammoth for this coming weekend.  There is a fee to train.  I need to know ASAP if you plan on training at these resorts.  I also need to know if you plan on attending Championships.

I  know that this season has had its challenges.  Thank you for your patience.



Mt. High Closure

Dear Families,

Mt. High has closed “temporarily” for the season.  There is a possible reopening after March 10 but we need to prepare for the worst case scenario.

I will provide training opportunities if people are interested for the remainder of the season but only on a RSVP basis.  You must communicate your intentions to train with me or I will not arrange the training sessions.

I was very pleased with our Kids that raced at China Peak this past weekend and Mammoth.  We had some great results and the kids had fun exploring and discovering a new mountain.  I am already making plans for next year and have added some coaching for the world cup kids.  I know it has been a tough year for these kids mostly due to inadequate snow depth and weather.  I would like to have a weekend if there is interest where we can ski as a group in Mammoth.  I will keep you posted on possible dates but it will be in April.

Please follow the website so that you will know details for the team party.

All training at other mountains will be a la carte.   You will be responsible for tickets and training fees.  I will work with the resorts to minimize the cost.

Please email me or text me your intentions for the following schedule.

Daniel,    951-440-5125


The remaining race schedule is as follows:

March 6-7

Training at Snow Summit or Mammoth

March 11-13

U10/12 Mammoth Big G and Super G

U14 Performance Camp

March 19-20

Training at Snow Summit

March 24-27

U10/12 Champs at Alpine Meadows

Training for U14 at Snow Summit or Mammoth

March 31 -April 3

U14 Champs at Sugar Bowl

April 9-April 12

U16 and older (plus Second year U14)

Champs at Squaw

April 19-24

U16 and older

Speed Week at Mammoth

Feb 27 and 28

Dear Families,

Practice Cancelled

Because of the deteriorating conditions at the mountain we will be unable to train this weekend.   I was at the mountain Tuesday evening and the conditions were very poor.



2/27 and 2/28 Practice

Dear TMH,

El NADA has hit us once again.  I just spoke with the mountain and they have removed all of the snow on conquest to the lower mountain to remain open for this weekend.  The figure 8  ( chisholm and wyatt) will be open this weekend but it is very thin.  With temperatures in the mid 60’s this week at the mountain they will loose more snow.  Most of our athletes will be traveling this weekend to China Peak or Mammoth.  World Cuppers will tentatively have practice at Mt. High on Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am -12:00 pm.  Please check the website Thursday by 7 pm for a definitive decision.


I will try to arrange training at other mountains for the remainder of the year so our kids will be prepared for championships and any other events that they may be participating in.  We have been able to rent space at Mammoth or train with Snow Summit through the end of March.

Please email me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


China Peak SG and Big G

TMH Families,

Please make sure that you register your child for the USSA race at China Peak.  This is a U10-U16 race weekend.  It is unique that the U16’s are allowed to race and a great opportunity for those U16 athletes that don’t want to race in Mammoth that weekend.

There is a dinner and awards fundraiser Saturday night at the mountain.  Please pre-register at  If you have any questions about this event please contact me.

If you are not attending, please check the website for training updates.  We will provide coaching if the mountain is open and we have adequate hill space. This has been a tough season for us because of the weather.  We will continue to try and make accommodations so that our kids are prepared for races.

We will not train Wednesday or Friday nights until further notice.




Race Weekend Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to help with the race this weekend.  Hosting races requires a lot of support and volunteers.  Thanks to our U16’s who helped with course crew, Forerunning, and tear down of the venue after the race.   I really appreciate all of the parents who were able to help all weekend.  It takes all of us working together to make this program work.

Congratulations to our kids this weekend.  They all have been working hard and they are improving their skills.

The Schedule for this week: 3/20,3/21

Saturday 8am-3pm GS

Sunday 8am- 3pm GS

The weather is dictating how much terrain will be  open and if we have the depth to set gates.  Please be patient with the coaches as we are trying to get as much training for the kids as we can.





THM Cup Race Results – February 6th, 2016


Thank you athletes and families for you participation!

Last Name First Name Run1Time Run2Time BestTime
Panina Lyuda DNF 42.851 42.851
Shining Steward 43.135 43.735 43.135
Odahl Maggie 50.754 51.195 50.754
Pape Chris 53.466 53.999 53.466
Villain Francesca 42.173 43.173 42.173
Shining Gordon 47.413 48.654 47.413
Pulsipher Alyson 42.898 43.145 42.898
Pulsipher Madison 46.535 47.011 46.535
Rizzi Isabella 49.788 51.090 49.788
Panin David 48.511 49.381 48.511
Bussiere Zeke 45.916 47.448 45.916
Shakiba Sam DNF 46.142 46.142
Pape Marie 1.06.379 1.07.089 1.06.379
Rizzi James 53.606 54.456 53.606
Wharton Maddy 1.01.145 1.05.682 1.01.145

USSA Race Weekend 2/13 2/14

We will be hosting our annual USSA race next weekend Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday will be Slalom and Sunday GS

I will need everyone to help on both Days.  We held a TMH cup today with a very limited staff.  We can not have a limited staff next weekend.  I will have everything staged Friday so that everything will be on the hill.  I need people to be there Saturday morning ready to go at 7 am.  We will load the Blue Ridge express at 7am. We need to have a crew that will set the bamboo, ribbon, B-net, timing wire, and carry gates for the course setters.  I need gate judges, hand timers, course crew, and assistants for the start and finish.  I have talked to some of you about assignments already.  This is a all hands on deck event.  Please email me to sign up for jobs.


Thank you to those that were there today to help with our TMH cup.

We will practice Wednesday night 5 pm to 8 pm SL.